Sugar Free Chocolate –

An assortment of sugar free candies made with Maltitol, Manitol, or Exyotol.
(Please check with your physician if you are on a sugar restricted diet.)

Note that we do not make any sugar free products in the store.
We order it and keep it in stock for your convenience.

You can choose from;
Chocolate covered Creams, Caramels, Marshmallow, Nut Clusters,
Cherry Cordials, Carmel Patties, Large Pretzels, Peppermint Patties,
and much more.

Most are offerd in Milk or Dark chocolate.

All our products are sold individually off the shelf, but we also carry
small and large boxes of sugar free assortments.
Cherry cordials are offered in a nice, small or large gift box.

$19.95 per lb.

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