Signature Boxes –

Our special KetchiCandies pre-packed gift boxes come in your choice of sizes from
1/2 lb. up to 5 pounds.

All boxes are made with milk and dark chocolate, this is the way to sample the best
that we have to offer.

What most people don’t realize, is that you will never find a map or key chart of what chocolates
are packed in our boxes, this is because we truly hand pack each box one at a time,
and one chocolate at a time.
Due to the stock on hand or on the shelves at the time, is what determines which chocolate
or flavor that you will receive in your signature box of KetchiCandies.

1/2 lb – $9.95
1 lb – $19.95
2 lb – $38.95
3 lb – $57.95
5 lb – $84.95

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