Other Gift Boxes –

We carry an assortment of Gift boxes and ideas that you can choose from:

Peppermint Patties are the most popular right after the Oreo cookies.

Cherry cordials are the most traditional gift at the Christmas holidays.

We have a assorted Truffle box that carries a very rich, soft dark chocolate center,
that is then rolled in Toasted Coconut, slivered Almonds, and reg. Coconut.

Some of the Truffle boxes that we offer can be Liqueur flavored, either in a
6 piece random assortment or a 3 piece single flavor in milk, dark, and white.

We also have pre-boxed, a very rich, smooth Peanut Butter Truffle (Lori’s favorite).

Marzipan is also a favorite gift box that you can get with the assorted fruit (non sugared)
or the sugar covered Strawberry Marzipan.

If  you don’t see what your looking for in a gift box, just ask us
and we will gladly make or fill a box for you.

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