• Liqueur Truffles -
     10 flavors to choose from http://ketchicandies.com/chocolate/truffles/
  • Jellies - Everyone's favorite
     Trays of Jellies before dipped in chocolate http://ketchicandies.com/chocolate-dipped/jellies/
  • We use these copper pots daily
  • Owner - Steven N. Thomas
  • Manager - Lori Spromberg
  • Look for us under the "Welcome" arch downtown
  • Miss Novalee Thomas
  • Trays of Caramel before it is cut and dipped in chocolate

We  invite you to send a taste of Ketchikan, Alaska  home for yourself, friends, family, or associates.

We will be delighted to send your selection anywhere in the United States or Canada.
You may order at any time of the year and especially during the holidays,
those special occasions in your life, or just as a reminder of your visit to Ketchikan.

Just call us toll free at 1-800-225-0970 with your selection. Please allow ample shipping time for special occasions.